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About Me



(Warning...this will be a ramble!)

To say "Everyday is Halloween" is a way of life for myself and so many others. Between my family life, social life (the tiny one i hold on to), & my business Black Magic Cakery I almost throw up pumpkin seeds ALL YEAR ROUND! Halloween has always been such a wonderful holiday/experience for me ever since i was a pumpkin seedling. I remember watching my grandma and her sisters go all out with our house decorated so terrifying that even the adults in the neighborhood didn't want to get candy from us! (sissies i say! lol) But i turned all that halloween spirit in to a lifestyle for myself; I joined the Pumpkin Kult at the ripe age of 12 and never turned back! Loving horror movies, my music taste, fashion/makeup, & (now as an adult) my home decor! So what i'm saying is.....If you love Halloween,horror movies, desert, crafts, & just a spooky good time THEN you're definitely in the RIGHT HAUNTED HOUSE!

Do you have any suggestions or questions? Send me Bat Mail!

Yay! Your Bat is on its way!

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