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12 Nights of Spooky Christmas! JOIN THE FUN!

Hey guys! I know its been a LONG time since i posted anything. And I do apologize.

I was looking forward to TONS of Halloween posts but my schedule got crazy hectic with all the orders i received during the months of October thru November.

If your not following my business (& blog) page Black Magic Cakery There you'll see so much more of my work and just randomness I share. (warning.....I think I'm hilarious!!!)

Anyways....with all that said:

Starting December 13th I'm going to post 1 tutorial A DAY (yes brah, i said A DAY!) until December 25th! Of course i couldn't just do

some regular Christmas thang! I added my love for all things SPOOKY into everything! From baking to fun activities to do with the kids, it'll all be included. I'm so excited and working very hard to put it all together for you all! To see all the videos make sure you are subscribed to my youtube channel

Thanks again for all the love and support!

Make sure to mark your calendars for December 13th!

Until next time, STAY SPOOKY!

^(oo)^ Nicki

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