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Adult-O-Ween SHOTS!:Brain Hemorrhage

Here we go again with some ALCOHOL! i swear i dont have a drinking a mom,business owner, and all around Busy Witch! So when i get a little down time i like to have some Wicked Fun! My best friend, who i shamelessly use, is a mixologist (a damn great one i might add). He sent me this fun 'How To' for creepy-great shots! These are so gross looking, i LOVE IT! I can totally see these as a HUGE hit at your next Halloween party or even a ZOMBIE MOVIE NIGHT! Either way, let's get CREEPY!

Here's 3 ways to do these HEMORRHAGE SHOTS!

You will need a shot glass, a spoon and the following:

Peach Schnapps

Irish Cream liquer


Green Creme de Menthe

For the classic Brain Hemorrhage shot you will need peach schnapps, Irish cream liqueur, and grenadine. Step one fill the shot glass about three-quarters of the way up with peach schnapps. Step 2 with the spoon carefully place it on the surface of the contents of a shot glass. Slowly pour the Irish cream on the spoon so it slides down slowly and gently lift up as it fills. Finally get a capful of grenadine and slowly drip into

For the alien brain shot you will need the same ingredients as above with the addition of green creme de menthe. About three-quarters of the way full. add a capful or so of green creme de menthe to get that green tint. Layers of Baileys Irish cream on top and then drip your grenadine into the glass

For the zombie brain, you will need Jägermeister. Fill your shot glass with peach schnapps. Two play the Irish cream with a spoon but leave room for some Jägermeister to float on top of the babies. You want even layers of these two. Finally, layer Jägermeister and add your grenadine

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