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Bruja Cauldron Slime!

On the 2nd night of Spooky Xmas, .a black cat gave to me....... a cauldron filled with spooktacular glitter slime!

Hey brujas! So Im pretty excited about this post because I got to do it with my son Peanut! This is a perfect DIY to do during the holiday vacation to keep the kids occupied for a LONG time! Or you can gift these as gifts and stocking stuffers! I gave these to my nieces and peanut as a little stocking stuffer and they loved it, Its easy and pretty fool-proof! Lets get started!

Slime: What you'll need

1 bottle of clear elmer's glue

1 tsp of baking soda

Contact Solution (as needed)

food color (i used Americolor Gel Color)

glitters and confetti (totally up to your bruja creativity) **

bowl & spoon for mixing

Magical Spell (how to:)

1. pour out all of the glue into the bowl, then fill up the glue bottle with water (close and shake). Then pour water into bowl.

2. Add the baking soda & stir until there's no trace of powder.

3. add your choice of food color and mix thoroughly.

4. While stirring, Squirt a bit of the contact solution. You'll see it start to come together but keep adding solution until you see the mixture fuse together BUT its still tacky.

5. add you glitter and confetti.

AND VIOLA YOU MADE SLIME......i mean a spell to keep your children occupied for a very long time (or at least allow you to watch 1 horror movie in comfort! LMAO)

**glitter was purchased at Michael's craft store, however the pumpkin confetti i bought during October at Daiso.

I hope you enjoyed!

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Until next time....Stay Spooky!



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