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Chalky Mess

So recently my friends and I were hanging out, a typical animal sacrifice to Manon. And when I say sacrifice I mean dinner & to Manon, I mean my stomach! (just to clarify) Anyways, back to my story. So, one of my very thoughtful friends gave me a few gifts she picked up at her local 99cents store, of those was this little grey-coffin shaped object with the words "excavation kit" which I totally thought was AMAZING!

Fast forward to today when I decided to let Peanut become an archeologist! (my child's nickname.... although I'm almost positive he only thinks his name is peanut)My first mistake was letting him do this INSIDE THE HOUSE! It was such a chalky nightmare! Every time he did some damage to this coffin he would wipe it away from this paint brush that it came with. After about 10 minutes he came to me for a helping hand. I of course obliged because I saw him start to SWEAT! lol


My second mistake, not realizing that while I was 'excavating' my wonderful child was gathering up all the chalky rubble into a pile and then transferring it to his room! I was WAY TOO focused on completing my task as an honorary Archeologist!

Then came my FINAL MISTAKE, when I realized I have been digging from the bottom of the coffin when I very well knew that the Secret toy was placed at the top for easy access!!!!!! I was so dumb-founded and frankly ashamed that I let this 99cents only toy get the best of me. But when it came down to showing my son his chalky little spider that I struggled to dig up he was so excited and just the happiest little monster ever! So even though I failed as a world-renowned archeologist, I will take AWESOME SPIDER MOMMY any day! And I can almost guarantee he's going to want another one of these damn coffin kits. That I of course will have to pleasure of doing. But hopefully I have learned my lesson in 'excavating' tiny toys from coffins! (doubtful)

I hope my pain gave you a laugh and you stop by soon for some more Spooktacular laughs as I make my way through this whole parenting adventure! lol As always, my Brujas, Stay Spooky!

Stupid Spider....i loathe you!

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