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Copy of 13 Days til Halloween: Family Movie night

I always see every year, '12 days of christmas' movies on different networks. So i decided to put together something fun and exciting for Halloween! So what you do is on the 13th day BEFORE Halloween (October 19th, yeah i checked TWICE) you'll pick a popsicle stick out of your bucket to reveal what halloween movie you'll enjoy together or by yourself (whatever you like!). I, of course, picked some of my favorite-family friendly movies that we can watch with Peanut. (my list will be on the bottom) But you can also doe Horror/slasher movies to watch too! This a multi-purpose kinda craft!

Here's what you need to make your

Halloween Movie countdown:

*large popsicle sticks

*small bucket/box

*sharpie marker


*paint brush/cup of water

*napkin/plate (for paint)

*sand/sparkly rocks (optional)

First, pick your movies and write them on the sticks with sharpie. Make sure you leave enough room to paint something spooky on! Totally get creative and have fun with your family and friends. We painted some kawaii ghost and monsters on ours! Let your little monsters get into the spooky spirit by painting their monster!

Then fill you bucket up with some sparkly beads, i picked up both at Joann's store. The only reason why i added the beads is because i wanted the sticks to stand straight up. They look much cuter that way! Totally optional, i'm just 'extra'.

Then once that is all done you grab your FAVORITE movie snack and cuddle buddy! I think this is just great for the whole family to get into, plus you never know what movie you'll watch that night! Enjoy this season of Ghosts and Goblins with your coven!

Side Tip: I made sure the movies i chose i already owned or netflix/Hulu are streaming it!

My Picks for our little Coven:

1. The Addams Family

2. Hocus Pocus

3. It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown

4. Spookly:The square pumpkin

5. Casper


7. Hotel Transylvania

8. The Little Vampire

9. Coraline

10. The Monster Squad

11. Beetlejuice

12. ParaNorman

13. The Nightmare Before Christmas

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