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Jack's Holiday Cookies (Day 1)

On the first night of Spooky Xmas, the ghosts and goblins gave to me...

Some ghoulish cookies with Jack Skellington on them!

If you didn't know I LOVE Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas! So naturally i had to do a few posts dedicated to this amazing movie.

First we have my Jack Skellington on a pumpkin. I really enjoy creating him because even though he might be "simple" looking, just a little flick here and there and you can change his facial expressions to look happy, excited, mad, etc. Plus everywhere i take these cookies they are a HUGE HIT!

so grab you favorite sugar cookie recipe and royal icing.......or just hang out and watch me create!

Don't forget to share me video....spread the spooky love!

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1 Yorum

Ren Padilla
Ren Padilla
14 Ara 2017

Can't wait to see what you'll be sharing next :D

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