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Six Feet Under: Shake with a Zombie Bite!

Hello ghoulish lovelies!

If you’re on any social media platform you have noticed ALL the amazing Halloweenery going on! Between all the Halloween photo challenges, shopping hauls, and LOTS of diys perfect for any spooky heart! While I was pinterest-ing, yes, I’m completely obsessed with searching through everything, I got inspired by all the Halloween adult drinks! Yup, that’s right! Alcohol on this blog recipe! If you’re a fan of Ice cream, alcohol & spooky life then this is totally for you! The best thing about this recipe is you can basically use any ice cream you have on hand! It’s that versatile! I had Rocky Road #yum so that’s what we based everything around!

This desert DRANK was a collaboration between me and my best friend Danny (instagram here) .He’s an amazing mixologist and has a Portable Bar business (link here). I’m lucky to have a wizard of liquors as a friend….and so are you because that just means LOTS of yummy alcoholic drinks!

(side note: you can easily do these for kids, just leave out the alcohol. Unless you’re a cool mom!!! LMAO jk jk jk!)


1 cup of your favorite ice cream

½ cup of ice

Chocolate candy melts

Crush Oreo (only cookie for ‘dirt’)

Whip cream

2-ounce Whip cream flavored vodka

(none for the kiddies!)


Cover the bottom side of a baking tray with parchment paper or plastic wrap

Pipe melted chocolate on tray (carefully) like tombstones (black or grey) & hands (white or green)

Place in freezer for 5-10 minutes until set. They should pop off the tray very easy when cold.

1.In a blender, mix ice cream, ice, and vodka until all ice is crushed!

2. pour mixer into cup, leaving space on top to put whip cream (smooth top)

3. add crush cookie ‘dirt’ on top

4. place chocolate tombstone and zombie hands into ‘dirt’

Now just add a straw and ENJOY!

This was so much fun and it tasted like SPOOKY YUMMINESS! And as a Mummy, I totally understand that sometimes us parents need a little ME time. So, after your little monster are asleep, whip this delicious drink up and enjoy a horror movie!

If you ever make any of my DIY’s or recipes make sure you share and tag me because I love seeing your work!

Like always, STAY SPOOKY


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