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Spooktacular Bath Bombs

One the third day of Spooky Xmas, Carrie gave to me.....

some bath bombs of peppermint because I guess i'm a bit Stinky????

Raise your Motha Frunkin hand if you love escaping to your bathtub and throwing in a soothing fizzy bath bomb???!!! I know i do! (hand is actually raised) They can be pretty expensive if you purchase from that super known company....i wont say the name but it rhymes with the band Rush (shhhh.....dont say it if you know it!)

There are so many wonderful small businesses that are making AMAZING bathbombs, sugar scrubs, soaps, etc.

Let me list a few that i follow:

Witch Baby Soaps

Sick Soaps


sweet shop of horror

These are so great for relaxing your bomb and mind. I battle mental health and every so often i'll need that little extra to just relax my mind and give me that Boost of ease and happiness. And if you dont have stress and just want to feel a bit 'extra' on your night in then bath bombs are great for that too!

Lets get started on these fun and fizzy potions:

These are so easy, I made them with the help of my niece! I was pretty nervous going in to this because i had just finished watching a bunch of DIY bath bomb FAILS (i couldnt help myself) So you can totally add this to your DIY activity with your kids! Its fun & after they'll beg you for bathtime!

Here's what youll need:


2 cups baking soda

1 cup citric acid

1/4 cup fine sea salt

1 TB cream of tartar


4 TB coconut oil

10-20 drops of peppermint oil (or any essential oil of your choice)

50/50 solution of water & rubbing alcohol (in spray bottle)

*step 2. only 5 sprits to start*

*skin safe food coloring (i used Americolor gel colors)*

*bath bomb mold/silicone mold*

now to put together the magic (how to:)

1. sift all the dry ingredients together

2.mix all wet ingredients together (except the food coloring)

3. combine both dry and wet while mixing.

4. add your choice of color and combine

5. add 2-3 spritz of 50/50 & mix with hands

*keep doing this until you feel the mixture like slightly damp sand. it should still look dry.

basically once you're able to squeeze some in your hand and it holds its shape STOP adding 50/50. you dont want to add too much liquid or it'll activate the citric acid & your whole mix will be ruined.

6. tightly pack you mixture into your molds and set out to dry for at least 24 hours

Enjoy your DIY relaxing bath bombs!

Thank you so much for joining me today! dont forget to subscribe and share my video and pages! I greatly appreciate it!

I hope you're enjoying my 12 nights of Spooky Christmas! let me know if you do any of my DIYs tag me so i can see your awesome bruja creations!

Until next time STAY SPOOKY!

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